Saturday, 7 July 2012

Bicycle and Scooter Fun

The 'kids' and I stayed with Sarah P for a few days after the Sasha Festival and Henry was absolutely delighted to see there was a bike he could ride.  He has been asking for one for ages...I've told him he really needs to wait until Christmas and to ask Father Christmas for one. 

What fun it is to ride on a bike.

Look at me Mum, wheeeee

Hi Mum!  Look one hand!  Pleeeassse can I have a bike Mum.

Wait for Christmas Henry and make sure you write a letter to Santa asking for one.  You never know you might be lucky enough to get one.

Simon on the other hand enjoyed playing on the scooter.

Come on Henry, join in the fun

Fortunately there were two scooters for them to play on.

Off we go!

I don't think you'll be able to get up those steps boys...

I want one of these Mum!  Simon calls out.

You'll have to wait and see if you get one for either your birthday or Christmas Simon.


  1. Those American Girl bikes are so good , my kids love theirs.
    I like the little scooter's I may have to buy my clan one for christmas!

  2. I noticed that neither of the boys chose to ride my PINK AG one that Sarah bought off me!
    One of those scooters was also originally mine but we had to move a few of the larger items on as our smallish bungalow was getting so full of their things that there was no space for us to all live without continually falling over each other.
    Pleased to see that Henry and Simon had a good time outside with what looks to have been lovely weather for a change.
    Great too, to spot the large glazed pottery garden containers that Sarah mentioned planting a few weeks ago though can't see any of those five little doggies running around and knocking the boys over.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  3. My kids like their AG bike too, if we ever get any dry days I must take some pictures of them...probably next year then :)
    Or failing that I could try and train Cooper to ride it!!

  4. Well it was a shame…but you know what boys and the colour pink are like ‘never the twain shall meet!’ I tried to convince Simon to have a ride on it, but ‘No Way’ was the answer. I couldn’t see the problem myself….it was a bit like Henry and the pink suitcase all over again!

  5. Those pictures are great! I love the bike and the scooters. Where do you people find these things??? Probably one has to get in touch with father Christmas! But failing that, maybe someone out there could put together a source file for us novices who don't have a clue!!! xxx Karin

  6. How cute! Love the scooters and bike! Perfect for little active boys and girls!


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