Sunday, 22 July 2012

Gorgeous Sasha Dolls for Sale

It has been with a heavy heart that I have had to choose some of my beloved Sasha dolls to sell in order to pay for the vet fees for our little Sheltie who has been poorly and had to have rather expensive vet treatment.

31st July 2012.  Sorry I had updated who has sold on my For Sale page, but not here.  I now just have three available.

First up is one of my lovely red head girls.  I am keeping the twins Judie & Julia, so unfortunately Jane needs to find a new home.

She is a lovely girl in good used, played with condition.

She has a couple of missing hair plugs either side of her face...I think they never have been rooted in the first place, but difficult to tell, and they generally can't be seen and I've never noticed them missing.

She has slight greening to her right eye as seen in the above photo.



Next is this lovely repaint by Shelly that I bought from a dear friend.  I am sorry to have to see her go, but sometimes you have to make choices...

She was repainted in April 2010 and the bottom of her foot is signed and dated.  She has lovely non-falling hair which still maintains its factory curls.  She is in lovely condition and poses well.

£200.00 + £10 p&p


Another gorgeous repaint by Shelly, repainted in January of this year.  Her foot is signed and dated.  'Ellery' has gorgeous lavender blue eyes and is in good condition and poses well.  She maintains her silver wrist tag which she is wearing.  She has a couple of marks on her torso from a doll stand (I'm not guilty ;-) ) and a couple of very tiny marks to her knuckle.  She has beautiful blonde hair which still has some of its factory curl remaining.

She really is gorgeous and can be seen on my blog as well.  I will find the link and add it on the for sale page later.

£250.00 + £10 p&p


Petite 16" Brunette Sasha from the early 70s with hook and bar mechanism to the neck, light/pale brown in legs, white in neck and arms.

She has gorgeous eyes, although it does look like someone tried to add 'eyeliner' at some stage in her life.  I am never tried to remove this, but I am sure it could be done if someone wanted to remove it.  She is a really sweet little girl with non-falling hair.  I am not sure if her fringe came like it is, or if it has been trimmed, but I have taken loads of photos to show what it is like.

She holds a pose well.  I will be sad to see this lovely little girl go.

£180.00 + £10 p&p


More to come, I seem to have run out of photo 'storage room!'

My beautiful Sasha Harlequin 'Clementine'.


I think she has such a beautiful face and lovely hair, another doll that I will be sad to see go.

If you would like to see photos of her, please email me so I can send them to you.


I think I am going to have to part with one of my boys as well.

Michel my Gotz Boy Scout - he is very handsome indeed.  Photo of him on my 'Boy's Profile Page'.  He doesn't have his scout uniform but is in fabulous condition.  I will have to sort out some clothes and photos of him once I have decided what to do with my google account, whether to update, or get another type of blog.

£200.00 + £10 P&P


  1. Lorraine, I do hope your Sheltie is doing better now. Good luck with your sales--they are all gorgeous (I'm glad your able to leep the twins).

  2. So sorry you have to sell some of your lovely collection for your poor dog to hopefully get better. We've had pet insurance for our dog since we got him 4 years ago, and last year actually used it for quite an expensive bill (it would have been over £500), so although it felt crazy to pay out x amount per month, in the event it saved us a sudden unexpected bill. I'd love your red head Jane, but not sure I can afford her at the moment unfortunately.


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