Sunday, 8 July 2012

Judie is reunited with her twin Julie.

Judie is really excited as her twin sister is finally arriving home, after them being separated at birth.  She has been tidying up their room getting it ready for her sister's arrival.

Almost is a bit plain at the moment, but I'm sure we will be able to decorate it at some stage with things that we like.  Oh I do hope she likes the same things as me.

Now that is about it, just need to sort out the drawers and put her new Dolly Doodle's outfit that Mum bought her.

Julie arrives and Judie shyly gives her a hug.

Hi Julie, it is so good to see you at last.  I have really missed you so very much.

Oh please, call me Julia, that is what I prefer.  

Okay, Julia it is Judie says with a smile.

I've missed you as well.  Julia replies.  I have been so lonely you wouldn't believe it.  

Never mind, you will never be lonely again.  In fact you might end up craving for some peace and quiet! Judie tells her.

I've given you the middle draw for your clothes.  I've got the bottom one, and I thought we could use the top one for things that we can share, like our hair bands, necklaces and things.  Judie shows Julia.

But there are some clothes in there already Julia exclaims.

Well of course there are, they are for you Judie replies.  Mum thought you might like a set like mine, but with a different colour t shirt.

Really!?  They are really for me?  I've never had a pair of jeggings before.  Julia says excitedly.

Oh and a pretty blue t shirt.  How lovely.

Julia can't stop staring at her blue t shirt.  It is such a perfect colour.

Isn't it just lovely?  Oh I am going to have to get changed into this outfit right now.  

Julia sits down on the floor and takes off her shoes and stockings.

I think you might have to stand up to pull them up properly Judie tells Julia.

Oh I am sure I'll be okay Julia replies 

There, all dressed, AND my clothes I was wearing in the draw.  

You have folded them up nicely Judie says to Julia.  Mum will be pleased.  She is always telling us to try and fold our clothes more carefully and not stuff them away.

I do like your hat Julia tells Judie.  Where did you get it from?

Oh this lovely hat. Mum got it for me at the Sasha Festival as I couldn't go to it.  Aunty Dee made it.  Isn't it fabulous?  Judie tells Julia.

It sure is Julia replies wistfully.

I know says Judie excitedly why don't we write to Aunty Dee and see if she can make you one as well, but with the pink and blue bits swapped round.  That would look really neat wouldn't it?

Oh wow, do you think she will be able to?  Julia asks Judie.

Well I'm sure she will IF she has the right colours.  No harm in asking nicely though is there?  Judie replies.  We will write the letter later.  In the meantime let me show you where you will be sleeping.  I hope you don't mind heights?

Judie shows Julia where she sleeps...I sleep on the bottom bed as I don't really like to be high up.  I hope you don't mind?

Not at all replies Julia  I've been stuck on a shelf for a very long time so I am used to that sort of thing.

A shelf?  Judie asks in a shocked voice

Never mind, best not to ask about it...mutters Julia, worried that Judie might think she is a bit strange to have been stuck on a shelf for a long time.

So there you go, you will be right above me.  My teddy that I got given from Harper is on my bed.  Do you have a special teddy?  Judie asks Julia.

If so, you can put him up here.  

Actually I do replies Julia.  Shall I go and get him?  I warn you though, he is not the usual sort of teddy bear.  Actually he isn't a teddy bear at all.... Julie murmurs as she wanders off to go and get him.

Goodness, who IS Julia carrying under her arm?

His name is Kashmir and he is a Ram...begins Julia

"Yes I am a Ram"  says Kashmir, the outspoken Ram who always has an opinion...

he loves to butt in, Julia tries to explain to Judie

"but I will give you the chance to have your say too"  Kashmir finishes...

Hmmm, mutters Julia  that is a matter of opinion.

Up you go Kashmir, and try to behave  Julia tells her ram as she puts him on the bed.

"It is rather high up here"  complains Kashmir

Yes, but hopefully it will keep you out of trouble !  Julia tells him.

The girls settle down to play with their dolls.

Julia is playing with a lovely little baby doll that Harper's Mum gave the girls as a thank you for having her and Harry.

We must be really careful with her as she is very delicate Judie tells Julia knowingly, or rather repeating what she has been told by Mum.  

What's your baby doll called?  Julia asks Judie.

I don't really have a name for her.  I just call her baby girl.  Judie replies.

Well that is a bit strange, how would you like to be just called girl?  says Julia.

Hmmm, I guess you have a point Juia.

Look this basket is just the right size for my little baby.  

Judie laughs...You've just called your baby 'baby'.  

I have too!  Guess we will both have to think of some names for the babies.  Julie giggles as well.

This is so nice isn't it?  Judie asks Julia as she holds her hand.  Sisters reunited at last.


Just before the Sasha Festival Brenda Walton advertised some dolls for sale on the Sasha Mart.  I had spotted she had a redhead white dress Sasha available and as mine hadn't come with any of her original clothes and I had been wanting a 'twin' for her, I was hoping I would be able to purchase one.  Fortunately I managed to sell my dolls house and a beautiful red head was mine.  I collected her at the festival.  I'm afraid she didn't stay in her box for very long...just to transport her home as after all that is what Sasha Morgenthaler designed these dolls for isn't it?  To play with!

Here she is Julie Brenda.  (Who wants to be known as Julia)

She is just so perfect.  Thank you Brenda.


  1. All that red hair. Yum :). I have read this vignette at least five times so far. It makes me smile so.

  2. Judie and Julia just makes me want a red even more, and my girls agree. Got to start saving.

    Did you know there was a book written by Vera Chapman in the 1970s called 'Judy and Julia' and it was about a modern girl going back in time to meet a Roman girl who lived in the villa near her home. Lovely story. I've still got my copy - it was a great way to introduce a child to ancient Britain.

  3. She is perfect! Lucky you to have twins as lovely as these!

    And I loved the story too! So sweet!


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