Thursday, 12 July 2012

A hat arrives.

The girls were delighted when something arrived for them in the post today.

It was Julia's new hat that matches her sister Judie's.

They both donned their hats and went outside to smell the roses while the sun was shining.

Julia looks so very pretty in her new hat.

They were also delighted to know that a new book had arrived...

As mentioned by DollMum in her comment the other day, Mum couldn't resist seeing if she could get hold of a copy for the girls...thinking it might be fun for them to enact some of the stories from within the bool.  Of course she has been informed by the girls that she also has to make some costumes!


The girls, Henry & Rory, will be away for a few days now and will return to blogging early next week.


  1. Brilliant, you found a copy of the book! I'm so pleased. For a child growing up in SA, well away from the Ancient Roman world which still exists in places all over England, this book was a wonderful introduction to the collision to Roman and old British culture. I hope you enjoy it and have fun making the costumes.

    But this does make me think, I wonder how many of our childhood favourite books we doll enthusiasts could re-enact through our dolls - time to explore my bookcase again...

  2. What a wonderful idea and find. I shall look forward to seeing some of the plays enacted... and naturally with the costumes. Busy time ahead then, well after you return home.
    Enjoy yourselves in the meantime.
    The Brood and I are excited about seeing you all (especially Henry) on Sunday. Safe journeys.
    Sasha love from Kendal.


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