Friday, 20 July 2012

Pram fun

I've been on rather a go slow this week and as such the editing of photos from my few days away is behind schedule.  I'm sure the weather is having a detrimental effect on my moods and well feels like it is winter and I am not enjoying it one little bit.  However, I had a wonderful few days away staying with Sarah Price and visiting Kendal and her Sasha Brood.

My gorgeous blonde was lucky enough to get to play with Kendal's beautiful lilac pram.

She enjoyed pushing it in the sunshine.

Ross comes over for a chat - he really is the perfect match for her...

What a handsome dude...certainly my lass thought so.

Such a pretty girl.

Don't they make a lovely couple?

As for that pram, isn't it divine?


  1. Lovely pictures, Lorraine and Ross is a handsome little chap!

    Is this a new Sasha you have or one we have not seen before?

  2. They do make a lovely couple! And what a sweet little pram! Its the perfect size. our photos are wonderful, as always. :o)

  3. Wonderful new Frido 1966-7 NP Puddle-eyed doll in her modern Betsy-May outfit. Very lucky you!
    Pleased to hear that she enjoyed playing with my girl's dolls pram and meeting Ross with his trendy, surfing styled Jackie Rydstrom re-root.
    Hope that you'll soon be feeling better.
    Thanks for coming to visit us.
    Sasha love from Kendal and The Sasha Brood.

  4. Hopefully the weather has changed for the better now - glorious sunshine and no clouds this morning, I hope the same for you.

    My Sashas would love that pram!


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