Thursday, 26 July 2012

Simon's Special Birthday Gift

Simon is an early to mid 70s blonde Gregor with blue eyes and eyelashes which can just be seen.  He arrived sometime last year...I would need to check my old computer to verify his date, however I have decided that 26th July is his birthday.  Why is that?  Well because a totally unexpected and wonderful surprise arrived in the post today...and it said (forgot to photograph the card...will have to do that tomorrow)  "From my boys to yours...a little gift for your boys especially Simon.'  Well I can assure you Simon is absolutely delighted, having never received a gift before, this was certainly a real treat for him indeed.

Here he is looking slightly overwhelmed and a little shy.

Look Aunty Ellen, it is just perfect!

Thank you so much for the wonderful scooter, it is super dooper!  Watch me ride it.

I push off like this...oh...I'm a little bit wobbly...

That's better...wheee! Off I go

Look both legs standing on it!

Thank you so much Aunty Ellen, such a wonderful surprise.  I really can't quite believe it!  Don't worry I will share it...once I have had a good play first! ;-)


  1. What a wonderful birthday surprise for Simon from Aunty Ellen. It looks as though he's certainly already mastered the art of 'scooting' and will soon be 'whizzing' around the pathways and having races with Henry...when he finally gets his 'wished for' bicycle. You'd better watch out then when you're out in the garden that they don't knock you over as they have speed races.
    Sasha love from Kendal....who thinks that the Sasha community is just great!

  2. Wow! How very sweet! I'm sure Simon, as well as the other boys are thrilled with this special gift!


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