Monday, 6 August 2012

Henry at the Olympic Stadium

My husband surprised Henry and I last night with tickets to the Athletics at the Olympic Stadium this morning.  He had been trying all week to get some more tickets and was successful late yesterday evening!  So we had an early start this morning to get into Stratford, London.  We had a fantastic morning, although I was really tired as I had only 2 hours sleep last night.  Never mind Henry, I could here him chatting away all night he was so excited to be going again.

This is rather a picture heavy post, so I hope you enjoy it!

Not sure what this structure is, but it certainly caught Henry's eye!

Looks like someone else smuggled themselves into the Olympic stadium as well.  Didn't spot Kit there in my pocket.

The stadium was rather awe inspiring.

The Olympic torch burning brightly

Henry can't wait for all the action to start.

Not sure what caught Henry's eye, I think it was the young boy playing behind me.

Now can you imagine Henry's excitement when he saw the Henry sized Mini - I had to stop him rushing down and onto the arena and he pestered me non-stop to get him one, he thought it was so cool the way it took the disc's back to the start line.

He was sure there was someone in them driving them!

He enjoyed watching the women's hurdles and is all set to build some hurdles in the garden to have a go.

The men's 1500 metres also inspired him

Caught in action warming up!

Even though I had partly dreaded going out today as I have been a bit out of sorts lately I really enjoyed the day very much, as did Henry.

After the mornings events we took the time to walk around the Olympic park and enjoyed the gardens.

Henry wrote a message of support for Team GB and NZ and hung it up in the Olympic Garden, so if anyone is still to go - make sure you look out for Henry's message!

Henry wasn't sure what to think of the Alien

He certainly admired this though!

Enjoying a spot of wall climbing.

Strolling through the gardens

Now the highlight of Henry's visit must have been the three army guys 'begging' to pose with Henry running. ;-)

Thanks guys, you made Henry's day - sorry he wanted to keep his pin badge though, but he would have been distraught to have to give it up.

We discovered we had a stowaway from the Olympics when we arrived home....apparently Henry had suggested he come home with us


  1. Oh, what a bonus, first the gymnastics, now the athletics. Lucky, lucky Henry and I hope he thanked your husband for getting the tickets!

  2. Looks like you had a fab day out - I do wish we'd tried harder for tickets. However I am cheering TeamGb from the comfort of my sofa!!

  3. Enjoying your Olympic photos very much. They are giving me a different perspective than what the television does. And, of course, it's always great to see Henry out and about. Interested/anxious see who snuck home with you.

  4. I was wondering where you (and Henry of course) were as all was as all seemed to have gone quiet over there. NOW I know! How fantastic! Lucky, lucky you and Henry!
    Another wonderful Olympic post. How I am enjoying these two weeks on the TV plus on your's and Dee's blogs.
    All the venues look absolutely superb. Good old Britain! I do hope that good use is made of them after the Games has finished and all the excitement is over.
    Fab Mini Car. I can see why Henry wanted it for himself. I gave one of my nieces three different miniature models of these as she herself has a red /white Mini Cooper and so collects the die-cast Mini models.
    Great to see a close up of the Olympic Alien as wasn't too sure that I liked it before. Must find out how and why it was created to look like that.
    Love Henry's pin badge. Could we please see a close up shot of it.
    Hope that you're now recovering from the recent hectic time. Well worth it though!
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  5. Henry, your little car is featured in this article about behind the scenes jobs at the Olympics

  6. Henry leads such an exciting life....and you get to go along with him LOL.
    What great pics of the Olympic venues...super.
    Good luck with your teams....except when they are playing USA....

    Winnie in Calif.

  7. Well I changed some settings and... FINALLY I can post again on your site!!
    I love the little mini and think we have to get it for Henry! Also your photos are great and made me feel like I was there. Super and the soldiers and everyone enjoying themselves was marvellous. Must see his badge at a later date in September. Love to you all, Aunty Sarah and her Sashas xx


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