Sunday, 19 August 2012

Boys playing

The boys have been playing outside today.  How they have managed it in this heat I have no idea!

Henry is on the scooter while Bobby is on his trike.

Hey where is Rory?

"I'm coming....can I ride on the back of your trike please Bobby?"  Rory asks.

"Okay, hop on and hold on tight!"  Bobby tells Rory

"Hey there Mum, look at us!"  Rory calls out.

Next thing I know they are having a running race!

Beats me how they could even think about running today.

Looks like Bobby is taking the lead... hope it doesn't end in tears!


  1. Great to see Henry and the boys playing actively outside getting rid of some energy, although I hope that they have some sun cream on.
    I too hope for your sake that they don't get over-heated and it all end in tears as so often happens on these exceptionally hot days.
    Hope that 'mother' has got the cool drinks ready after all this unusual exertion!
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. Thought of you the other day when we were in York Castle Museum - they've a blonde Sasha in their vintage toy collection :)

  3. Don't know where they find the energy in this heat!

    That's interesting about the sasha in the york toy museum ! maybe someone should start a list in the sasha group and people can list where they find Sasha in museum's across the country?
    Just a thought

  4. Hope you are not planning to get a list of museums which contain a Sasha and then go around KIDNAPPING them Dee...we will know it is you if any go missing :)

  5. They're lucky boys having such smart bikes and scooters. It's great to see them outside having so much fun xxx

  6. Boys will be boys! Out in all weathers! I keep leaving comments on your blog, but keep forgetting about presing the 'submit' button! Love looking at at what they all get up to! Thanks for keeping us all posted!!! xxx Karin

  7. Lovely photos !!!!!!!!
    I like your boys :)


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