Monday, 13 August 2012

Harold meets some of the family.

Henry was very relieved to know that his little stowaway friend from the Olympics is allowed to stay, although it must be said it is getting rather crowded here!  Still I've been assured he really is a well behaved fellow and doesn't take up too much room, or make too much assurances on how much or WHAT he will eat though!

"Come on Harold I will introduce you to some of the family"  Henry says to Harold.

"Do you think they will like me?"  Harold asks.  "They won't be scared of me will they?"

"Of course not" Henry reassures Harold.  "How could anyone be scared of you with your lovely smile and friendly face?"

"Hey Rory, this is Harold, he came home with me on Monday from the Olympics.  He knew there wasn't long left of the games and didn't want to be left stranded there"  Henry explains to Rory.

"Hi Harold"  Rory says.  "How come your name is Leo?  Surely all lions are called Leo"  

"Of course they aren't"  replies Harold.  "That is just a fairy tale and fallacy.  We have all kinds of names just like you do.  Harold is a good old English name I'll have you know!"

Meredith wanders over to find out what is going on...she had heard rumours that there was a new member of the family.  How Henry had managed to keep Harold secret for a whole week is anybodies guess".

"Oh, you are a friendly looking fellow, and rather handsome too"  Meredith tells Harold.

"How do you do, young lady" Harold replies giving a bow.  "Pleased to be at your service"

"What a gallant lion you are"  Meredith tells him.  "Are you going to be staying with us?"

"Oh yes I certainly hope so" Harold replies.  "My Olympic days are now over, and what a time it has been indeed!  I am well and truly ready to live in a family home now and will do my best to protect all of you."

"Would you like to hear about all my adventures while at the Olympic Venues?"  Harold asks the three.

"Oh yes please" They chorus as they gather round Harold to listen.


For Kendal:

Henry's badge.


  1. I thought that Henry would probably come back with one of the Olympic mascots as guessed that there wouldn't have been any Sasha Dolls for sale there. Glad that he choose the UK Lion rather than the one eyed monster. (Couldn't make 'head nor tail' of that although I guess that there must be history of sorts behind his original creation.)
    Love Henry's pin badge. Thanks Henry for having the close up photo taken for me.
    They are all looking very British with their Union Jack outfits.
    Hope that you're feeling much better now.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. Harold is very sweet better them other two mascots!
    Henry's badge is great a nice keepsake from his trips to the Olympic's.


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