Saturday, 25 August 2012

Frogs & Cricket

What are you doing Rory?

I'm playing with my frogs. 

Do they have names?

Umm...Rory thinks....Not yet


Later on the boys get out the cricket set that had been ordered some months ago and arrived just a few days ago.

Do you want to have a game Henry?  Rory asks.

I do, Henry replies.  I just don't really know much about cricket.

No, neither do I.  Rory replies.

The boys discuss what to do about their lack of cricket knowledge when along comes Jack.

Jack picks up the bat.  Hey guys, are you going to have a game of cricket?  He asks.

Do you know how to play?  They both ask Jack.

Yeah, sure... Jack replies hesitantly.  Shall we go outside to play?

We can't.   Look at the weather.  Henry says pointing at the sky outside.

It sure is grey and wet out there.  Rory comments.

Suddenly there is a rumble of thunder.

I don't really think it is cricket weather somehow.  Says Henry.  Perhaps we could see if we could find a book on how to play cricket.  I'm sure the rules are really complicated...all those unders and overs and outs and wickets and stuff.  

Still it is good weather for frogs... Rory notes.


  1. Do I need two sets of stumps and bails then? Mine haven't arrived as yet but although I ordered two bats I only ordered one of the stumps.
    Which stickers did you have put on your bats as I can't see from these photos?
    We are obviously having better weather up here than you are down there although Bank Holiday Monday's weather forecast for most of the UK is wet and windy. Such a shame for all those outdoor activities arranged.
    Sasha love from Kendal.

  2. Oh it's OK I've just seen your bat stickers in the first two photos. I've ordered both of those.
    Sasha love again from Kendal.

  3. I have never understood cricket! The set looks wonderful and I hope the weather clears soon.

  4. Oh, I can't believe the ignorance of the Sasha community when it comes to cricket! It surely is THE English game!!! You need two wickets - one at either end of the pitch. Two batsmen, hence two bats, and one ball for the bowler! The rest can be left up to the boys. They'll figure it out! love to you all xxx karin

  5. Wonderful photos.
    I like your boys.


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