Thursday, 16 August 2012

'Wanna be a Rock Star' & a UJ Thank you

On Tuesday we had to go into London to the pain clinic so afterwards we went to Covent Garden for a look around.  I'd hoped to get some more photographs than I did but realised I'd left my memory card out of my camera (again!)  I seem to be making a habit of this.  I managed to get three photos to store on my camera at least.

This guy fascinated Henry as he couldn't quite work out how he could hold that position.  He was going to ask for a photo with him, but by this stage we'd realised we'd no card.

After watching the Olympics and part of the opening and closing ceremonies, Henry was sure he could do AT LEAST as well as some of the wanna be's and has been's and decided he 'wanted to be a rockstar'.

Well turns out my husband Mark is rather a softie when it comes to Henry...

and bought him this guitar!

Henry has already started practising fancy riffs on it!  Just as well he doesn't have an amplifier yet, saves our ears!


Now I was very remiss the other day and forgot to mention in my post that featured Rory wearing the Union Jack shorts, that these were very kindly sent to Henry from Kendal.

Kendal had originally wanted to give them to Henry to take to New Zealand, but unfortunately they weren't ready in time.  She had then hoped to give them to him when we visited in July, but again they weren't ready and finally they arrived the other day and Henry kindly said Rory could borrow them, although he said he would DEFINITELY be taking them to NZ next time we go.

Henry and Rory would like to send a big Thank you to Kendal for these fantastic fun patriotic shorts.


  1. Gosh! I didn't recognise you there for a minute Lorraine..all dressed up in your silver dress and hat...hope you didn't get cramp from staying in one position for such a long time :)
    On a serious note..hope the visit went well x

  2. Pleased to see you and Henry back on form.
    I know just how maddening it is when you forget to bring something important for your camera on an outing that will hopefully produce some good shots. On one of my Llandudno trips the year before last I left my camera battery behind after recharging it and even though I went to a Jessops photographic shop when I arrived there they were too busy to be able to help me buy another one.

    Loved this post.
    They had a similar man sitting down (though not encased in gold) but wearing 'real life' clothing at Manchester Airport a couple of years ago and casually reading a newspaper.
    Absolutely amazing. People's mouths dropped open in dis-belief. Cameras, videos and mobile phones were clicking away non-stop.
    I could only presume that he had some form of a metal supporting cast under his clothing.

    Loved Henry's guitar. Hoping that he makes it to 'the top' for you and the money comes rolling in for your Sasha wish list.

    Sasha love from Kendal.

  3. Well we are all admiring the guitar here and hoping that Henry learns some good riffs to show us on his next visit up here! xx

  4. Great post! Absolutely looooove Henry and his guitar! He looks just like the sort of rocker the girls can fall in love with! xxx karin


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