Saturday, 6 July 2013

Henry wanted a Waistcoat/Vest

Henry asked if he could have a waistcoat for the Sasha Festival

First I made a waistcoat with insect patterned fabric.

Then one with the last little bit of remaining New Zealand Buzzy Bee fabric I had left

Henry then decided that he didn't think the shirt quite worked underneath so asked me to make another one...

...which does indeed look better.

Many thanks to Ted of SashaStreet who gave me the pattern.  

I think I can put my sewing machine away now and actually get some tidying up down so we can pack!


  1. Will Henry be wearing one of these waistcoats for the Saturday evening meal in honour of Sasha Morgenthaler's Birthday aniversary?

    Pleased to hear that you are finally putting the sewing machine away and starting to pack as I was getting worried that you wouldn't be ready in time to catch your flight.

    Hope that you all have a truly wonderful time.

  2. Henry - Great waistcoat! I have some but nothing as colourful as yours! Your Friend, Angelo


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