Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Some sewing

Trying to fit in some sewing in a busy schedule where we have lots on and various different appointments and meetings as well as trying to prepare for a holiday.

Tilly Rose is modelling this outfit made from New Zealand fabric - Pohutukawa & Tui Top with cropped 'distressed' jeans. 

I love the vibrant colours of this top and think it is perfect for the summer.

This outfit is Sold.

Next up are two little dresses again made with New Zealand fabrics 'Blue Koru' design.

Danni and Alice are modelling these two dresses.

Interestingly I tried a blonde longer wig on Danni today and it REALLY DID NOT suit her at all - this IS her look.

Alice is very petite so this dress is a tad on the large size for her, but she still thinks it is fun to wear.

I have also made six pairs of jeans, three cropped and three long.

Next sewing is my swap gifts which I hope to make a start on tomorrow.   

Actually I have part of one outfit already partially made.  I hope everyone else is getting on with their swap projects.  One participant has already finished and posted hers...and I must say it looks absolutely wonderful!  But won't reveal until all the swaps have been sent and received...we have a little time yet!


  1. Lovely outfits, Lorraine.
    I'm getting back into the swing of reading blogs. Sorry not to have been commenting for a while.
    Jenni xx

    1. Oh Dear Jenni, you don't have to apologise to me for that - I know full well why you have been absent and quite understand :-)

  2. I really like the outfit in the first photos with the red flowers and the birds, it's really bright and yes, perfect for summer weather!
    All the other girls look cute too of course but I am partial to bright flowery fabric!!

    1. I do as well, just love the bright and cheery colours. Why do I only have small pieces of some of these great fabrics? May have just enough to make one more!

  3. I think that like Sharon the first outfit is my favourite here and I do so love re-cycled denim jeans with their original hems.

    Dani really suits that short brunette wig so pleased that you have decided on keeping her in that.... especially as the original brunette haired girls are in short demand due to their falling hair syndrome.

    1. I had several pairs of my younger son's jeans that he had ripped at the crotch - jumping off the trampoline! So what better to do with them than use them for Sasha & Gregor clothing.

      It is actually more of a slate grey than brunette, but it does seem to suit her perfectly.

  4. Lovely work Lorraine!! I especially love the bright red top with vibrant bird and distressed jeans <3


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