Friday, 7 June 2013

Henry goes to Waddesdon Manor

Today we had ever such an interesting day at Waddesdon Manor

A most impressive place indeed.

With so much to see and do.

Impressive monuments, statues, gardens and so many treasures in the house!

Henry got to ride the magic horses!

He enjoyed the 'male' orientated wing of the manor house.

All boys love weaponry!  Henry would have stood here for hours looking at everything had he been allowed to!

Wondering what is up the stairs.

In one of the sun rooms in the manor

Going up the stairs.

On the way up the stairs.

Many more photos of inside (and outside the Manor will be found on my other blog 'The Balancing Kiwi'.

After lunch we all ventured out for a walk in the gardens.  Henry especially enjoyed the woodland walk and playground!

Just the sort of thing Henry and his friends like to build!

Wheee this is fun!

Wow!  That was fast!

A lovely enjoyable day out.


  1. Looks like a wonderful day Lorraine!! Great photographs. :)

  2. Wow! A really terrific day out. Like Henty I love visiting places like this. A step back into the past indeed.

    Most impressive way of displaying the weapons.

    These 'wooded' adventure playgrounds are always fun for children. I used to take my school class to the one at Weston Park when we were doing a Tree topic but I remember one year it was so hot that we were plagued by little migets flying around everywhere under the trees so we never went again.

    Beautifully manicured and mown front lawns and attractive fountains. Fabulous backdrops for photographing 'Dear' Henry, who must be the MOST 'out and about' Sasha Doll ever!

    Many thanks to you and Henry for giving us this day out.

  3. Henry most definitely had the best of adventures! Loved the Magic Horses!


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