Sunday, 9 June 2013

Dawn's Sasha Fun Day

Yesterday was the perfect day to celebrate World Doll Day by going to Dawn's wonderful Sasha Fun Day.

This is my third year I have been and it was just as good as the previous years.

In 2011 it was held on June 25th and you can read about it here and see some photos of her wonderful garden, which I didn't take this year.

In 2012 it was held on just after the Sasha Festival and we all gathered at Dawns for a lovely afternoon.

Henry of course came as he wanted to meet various new friends, and very pleased he was to do so.

He insisted that quite a few of the family came with him as he knew that they couldn't go to the Sasha Festival and wanted them to have some fun as well.

It was a good opportunity for Francis to get to know Rory...who of course was dressed in what is now his reptile outfit - New Zealand Tuatara - the world's oldest dinosaur!  Molly and Sally are having a little chat, Alice and Meredith seem to be somewhat dazed by all the excitement and Danni is deep in conversation with  Victoria who is listening attentively.  All four girls wearing their New Zealand print dresses.

Dawn seems to have collected a few more wonderful prams since last year and the year before, and I enjoyed the new scene she has set up and of course loved the prams!

Just love this gorgeous brunette in her stunning red gingham smocked dress.

I loved how Dawn has coordinated the prams with the girls dresses.

Zooming in on another favourite girl.

It was lovely to see everyone's fabulous Sasha and Gregor families.

These three boys were right characters and have been very specially customised - the young boy in the middle capturing Callie's youngest boy at the age of 8.

Just as it says!

Lovely girls, Ginny (Dee's girl) on the left, Catherine F's girl in pink and Ronnie W's three lovely girls.

The two on the left are Sarah P's stunning NP's - the boy a new lad called Billy in memory of her Dear Dad. The red is Jocelyn's lovely girl.

Just look at this line up of Sarah & Jocelyn's, aren't they fabulous?!

Here we have Plum's, Cathy's and Joyce's kids.

This lovely group belong to Dollmum and her daughter, and the little redhead on the right is

Some more of Dee and Gill's girls.  Not sure who the pretty baby belongs to.

Judith's lovely toddlers in their new trendy gear!

Sorry about the quality of the photos - difficult to take with the light reflecting in from outside.

Dollmum's daughter was delighted to get to hold the studio dolls.

Love this picture - the studio doll is looking up at the huge beaming, smiling face of the lovely girl holding her.

Lovely girl.

Dawn really has a stunning collection indeed and I feel very privileged d to have been able to visit and admire her beautiful dolls.

Some more - Joyces lovely two on the right - such lovely curly hair, this girl was much admired.  Cathy's girls on the left

Plum's gorgeous blonde in her stunning dungarees and boneka shoes.

Loved Plum's toddler in her Sashopotamus pyjamas!

A very enjoyable day indeed.

I did take lots of photos of all the amazing outfits and accessories for raffle donation for the Sasha Festival  but haven't included them in this post to keep it a surprise,  but will of course be taking photos of it when Dawn and I set  up the display  at the Festival.

Thank you to Dawn for all your hard work.


  1. Looks like lots of beautiful Sasha, Gregor and babies. Lots of fun too. Karen

    1. Lots of fun indeed Karen, and lots to admire!

  2. Wow such lovely photos and dolls Lorraine! I'm very a wonderful dream to see all these beautiful dolls together! And that is a super photo of Dollmums little girl holding the lovely doll.....what a beautiful pair they make! And such a lovely big smile!
    I'm glad you all had such a great time!!!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed them Sharon. It was a wonderful day and yes to see Dollmum's daugther enjoying and holding those dolls was a treat in itself. It is what it should all be about!

  3. Thank you Lorraine for the virtual trip to Dawns Funday. How I loved getting the rare opportunity to be there last year, will have to forever live vicariously thru you and Henry. Thanks again for the lovely photos ,Sheila

    1. So glad you enjoyed them Sheila :-) Dawn's is such an amazing place to visit.

  4. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures. I was sorry I was not able to make it so it is especially lovely to see the pictures.
    Love and best wishes Gloria

    1. Dear Gloria, lovely to hear from you, and so sorry you were unable to make it. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

  5. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures, I was so sad not to make it this year. Have fun at the festival
    Hugs Gloria - SashaSecrets Magazine

  6. I used to wonder what all the fuss was about with the Sasha dolls. You have changed my mind, and all those photos are wonderful to look at.

    I have decided that Francis is an Edwardian Romantic, and probably likes to lounge about reading poetry by Rupert Brooke.

  7. What a wonderful gathering of dolls and friends!

  8. What an absolutely WONDERFUL way to spend 'World Doll Day' for those of you lucky enough to go to Dawn's.

    Everywhere at Manor Farm looks really lovely as always and in full bloom and showing signs of new life with the young Cygnets.

    All the residential and visiting Sasha Dolls are looking their very best and the delightful minature prams have certainly increased in numbers since I was last there.

    Great to see 'Dear' Henry and Co. out in force. Such a thoughtful little lad making sure that a few
    more of his family members get to go 'out and about' with him this time.

    Many thanks for these super photos allowing me to see what I unfortunately sadly had to miss.


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