Saturday, 15 June 2013

It's Henry's Birthday!

It's Henry's birthday today and the girls are busy baking cakes for a party later this afternoon.

Sasha turns on the oven to preheat it ready for the baking of the cakes.

Emily gathers all the ingredients needed to make the cake.  She sends Sasha off to find the flour.

Later on Sasha checks on the cakes....forgetting her oven gloves she has to close the oven and go and fetch them so she can remove the tray with the cakes on.

The girls start to prepare the table and ice the cakes.

They put pretty table cloth on and then set off to find all the other goodies that will be needed to make a good party.

In the meantime Henry tries on his new shirt and jeans.

He especially wanted press studs on this - the ones like the 'big kids' wear.  No arguments from me, much better than sewing the fiddly little studs on that are usually used.  He likes his jeans as well.

Henry was very pleased to get a slightly bigger skateboard for his birthday...

and demonstrates how he can stand on it so much easier than the smaller ones he has that he and Harry enjoyed using last year.  Unfortunately it is raining so no outside play today - but the 'kids' have loads of games out and are enjoying various board games on the floor.


  1. Happy of happiest birthdays. Henry! We send you our wishes for a fabulous new year.
    Lorraine-the scale of your table and oven are perfect. Does Henry's new shirt have a collar band? I'm looking for a pattern with a collar band, but maybe it would add too much bulk...I'd at least like to try.

    1. Email me about the pattern Julie - I drafted it last night, needs refining but the collar worked out perfectly.

  2. A very happy birthday 'Dear' Henry from The Sasha Brood and I! How old are you today? Seven? Eight?

    Looks like you are about to have a wonderful tea party and birthday cake and all made by the girls!

    Liking your new birthday clothing and skate board present though sorry to hear that it is raining down there so you can't try it out outside. It's still warm, sunny and dry up here.

  3. Happy Birthday Henry!!! Finn and Drew both send their happy greetings to you!!! Have a great day!!!

  4. happy birthday Henry, I am glad you have had a great day. You look very smart in your new clothes and I hope you enjoyed those lovely cakes.

  5. Belated Happy Birthday Henry, I hope you had a lovely day and didn't eat too much cake and make yourself sick! And don't you look smart in your new gear!!!


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