Sunday, 16 June 2013

Henry's Birthday - Part Two

The children all had a lovely afternoon yesterday celebrating Henry's birthday.

They sit round him while he has a look at his presents.

The presents were given to him in a handy little tub, that will be useful for his toys.

Oops Henry, looks like your foot is in the strawberry tart!

They are all excited to see what he got, and nobody notices the foot in the tart.

First of all Henry looks at his card.

Happy Birthday Henry!

He is delighted to have received a superman t-shirt to go with his superman hoodie and joggers.

He shows everyone his great new t-shirt.

Oh how cute Henry says, a hiking sheep!

Love the little ladybird on its nose.

Oh look it has a compass inside - how neat!

Henry loves compasses and has a few now!

He is delighted to get a slinky and can't wait to find some steps for it to go down.

Claudius asks his brother Rory what a slinky is.

Ollie looks on and hopes he gets a turn at playing with it.

Pinny looks on enjoying the sunshine that is coming through the window.  A brief glimpse as the clouds soon came over again and down the rain came


  1. Henry's certainly had a wonderful birthday with scrumptious looking cakes and super presents.

    Everyone invited looks to be really enjoying themselves.
    Now who's going to be doing the clearing away and tidying up?

    1. As usual that will be left up to the general dogsbody...Mum! ;-)

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed Henry's party photos!!! Love his Superman shirt which is perfect for such a "super" boy :). The slinky is awesome and it's nice that Henry is competent with the compass since he is such an adventuresome boy. <3.

  3. Glad to see that Henry really had a lovely birthday, with super pressies and delicious cakes too!
    Everyone looks to be enjoying themselves too!

  4. Oh Lorraine...Henry had the best of birthday parties! Such fun!


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