Sunday, 2 June 2013

Lots of sewing.

I have had a busy weekend sewing - I thought while in the mood, I might as well get on with it!

First up is a pretty red dress with spots being modelled by Molly.

Secondly is another pretty red dress modelled by Monica.

I do think the brunettes wear red well.

Next I underwent a marathon session of 'Kiwiana' Shorts making - 14 pairs!

I finished the shorts & shirt sets I was making for Ginger, seen here modelled by Rory, Henry & Simon.

My Dad posted me some New Zealand Batik fabrics so I could make some more dresses.

I have made a couple of dresses so far.

Danni is modelling this pretty dress in Earthy colours.

I will have three of these dresses available to purchase at the Sasha Festival.

Charlotte is modelling this lovely vibrant dress with Maori design.

There will also be three of these dresses available to purchase at the Sasha Festival.

Tomorrow I will be concentrating on finishing the Marley School Uniforms.  They are all cut out ready to sew up.  I would like to get them finished and posted by mid-week if possible.


  1. Looks like it has been a most productive weekend.
    You must have been really 'In the mood!' as they say.

    Who apart from Henry is going to the US Festival with you? (Guessing your Kristina Developmental girl for one.)

    1. Yes indeed I have been busy - should have paced myself a bit better though as my arm is complaining! Serves me right as they say.

      Oh I am not going to risk taking Meredith with me. I only have two 'extra special' girls left now, her and Amber my Gotz girl so they will be staying here. Not quite sure who it will be as I will already have Henry and his guest who is coming over to 'holiday' with him until the festival when I will take her back with me. A big factor for me will be making things easy for me to manage weight wise. I am trying to work out who is best to take.

  2. Love the one Charlotte is wearing...


  3. Some lovely clothes, here, Lorraine! I like that red dress a lot, but also the one in what you call earthy colours! And the boys look great and 'cool' in every sense! You have been busy! Don't overdo it! Love, Karin xxx

  4. You've been so busy Lorraine, you're making me feel lazy!!! I've done just one bit of sewing since my mum and brother came over....although I'm itching to do more, I thought it would seem a bit bad of me to just 'do my own' thing when they're here on holiday!
    I particularly like that Maori design fabric, in the greeny colour, it's very pretty and suits Charlotte very well. And I'm prejudiced because I love to see blue and green together, reminds me of the ocean!
    Hugs Sharon

    1. I love that Maori design as well, for pretty much the same reasons! I miss the ocean so much.


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