Saturday, 29 June 2013

Cornwall Holiday 2013

All of my Cornwall posts are over here - and rather than reposting them on this blog as well I have decided to just link to Henry's 'Holidays with Henry' blog.   We had a lovely time making full use of our National Trust membership and visited the following NT properties:

We enjoyed lunch out each day and cream teas.  The weather could have been better....but it could have been a lot worse and on the whole we were pretty lucky with it - the worst day being the Saturday the day after we arrived.

There are also a couple of extra blog post with extra photos on 'The Balancing Kiwi' here and here


  1. Gosh, in spite of the 'not as good weather as you would have liked' you all managed to pack a great deal of sight-seeing in within the week.

    Loving seeing all these lovely National Trust Heritages that I didn't manage to see myself as we were mainly exploring the ragged small coves and little seawall protected harbours.

    Don't think that Henry could have chosen a better companion as Pinny seems as active and adventurous as he is.

    1. Pinny has indeed been a brilliant companion for Henry - I am quite sure he will find things quiet once she returns home. Mind you I think we could all do with some quiet by then! ;-)

      There is just so much to see in Cornwall - a week really is not enough time by a long shot!


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