Thursday, 6 June 2013

A new boy in town....

All Henry's friends are busy today doing other he thought he would take Humphrey for a walk.  He took Ollie with him as well, as he wanted to tell Ollie all about their new guest who was going to be arriving soon to have a holiday with them.

Ollie listens intently while Henry explains that he must be polite and well behaved when the guest arrives.  He tells Ollie that her name is Pinny, and at first Ollie is disappointed, hoping for a boy to play with, he thinks girls don't do 'boy' things.  Henry explains that he understands that Pinny might in fact be quite adventurous, and that it is up to them to encourage her to try new things.

As they are walking along, they come across a stranger.

Ollie is a bit unsure at first as he has never met anyone quite like this boy before.  He thinks to himself that Rory has similar hair, but well just not same as this lad.

The new boy holds out his hand to shake Henry's.

How do you do?  He says to Henry.

Hi, replies Henry. I'm Henry and this is Ollie my little brother.  My dog's name is Humphrey.  Who are you and  where have you come from?

The new boy points vaguely in the direction of all the noisy traffic....I THINK I came along that big motorway road...but I can't be certain as I had to travel incognito in a box!

In a box? Henry exclaims...Wow that must have been some journey.  Who are you anyway, and what are you doing here?  I'm expecting a guest, but I'm pretty certain you aren't her as I have seen a photo of my guest and you don't look a bit like her!

Oh I am not a guest, the boy replies....I am the new boy!  

The new boy?  I didn't know we were getting any new family members, we have just had to say goodbye to a whole lot.  This is QUITE unexpected for sure.  Henry is quite startled and confused.

Well apparently your Mum was able to allow a new member of the family to move in, and well she saw me and how could she deny me a new home? After all I am quite posh! The boy tells Henry quite smugly.

Henry looks a bit uncertain....

But being the kind hearted boy he is, he welcomes him warmly and suggests that they go for a walk together to get to know each other better.

So what is your name?  Henry asks as they are walking along.

I'm Francis Fearless, the boy replies...

Francis FEARLESS?  Henry asks with a slight raise of his eyebrows....

Yes that is correct replies Francis...I'm FEARLESS because I had to wait patiently for nearly a year for a home, and then I bravely hopped in the box without a second I must be FEARLESS!  The boy tells Henry and Ollie, with only the logic a young boy can have...

Well I think we will just call you Francis, Henry replies.


  1. A whole year? Poor Francis. I did see him in Doctor Shelly's Hospital and Home for Sashas and Gregors many months ago, but thought he had been adopted.

    Will be home tomorrow! Can't wait to play with my doll children.
    Jenni xx

    1. Indeed! Unfortunately, or rather fortunately for me the sale fell through.

      So glad you will be home tomorrow Jenni, hope all is well and enjoy your doll family! :-)

  2. Ahhhh so that's where he ended up! He is a bit of a dandy, isn't he, and very handsome with it! Welcome young Mister Fearless! I wonder what high jinks he and Henry will get up together!!!
    Hugs Sharon

    1. He is indeed a bit of a dandy! Will certainly be interesting to see how he fits in with the others :-)

  3. Francis is very handsome! Pinny may fall for him :).

  4. But, I heard Pinny likes to climb ladders, run and play games so Henry is her type :)

    1. Indeed, I can't quite see Francis climbing ladders etc...but who knows?! I think she will have more fun with Henry that is for sure...Fearless may be Francis' name, but IS he really Fearless I wonder?

  5. It's hard to be braver than Henry :). He is the best boy. <3.

  6. how exciting, a new boy! That was unexpected! I saw him at Shelly's, he has beautiful eyes I think. congratulations :)

    1. Very unexpected Kirsten, but a very welcome surprise and he is fabulous!

  7. How great for you to be having him to come to live with you and Henry.
    A whole year patiently waiting for a new home, poor lad but I'm sure that he'll start to make up for all that 'aimlessly hanging around.'

    Has he met Rory yet? Wonder what he will make of Rory's passion for frogs and reptiles?

    1. No Francis hasn't met Rory yet...Rory is currently undergoing 'bad hair anxiousness...' his wig keeps falling off and he is very self conscious about it poor lad...will try and sort him out tonight as he is keen to meet 'The New Boy'. What he will quite make of Rory's passion for frogs and reptiles is anybodies guess....he doesn't quite strike me as someone who will quite share the passion somehow!

  8. Henry will be very good for Francis!


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