Monday, 10 June 2013

Missing Persons: Stolen Dolls

 My friend's two companions were kidnapped (i.e. STOLEN) while at Acton Scott Victorian Farm in Shropshire on Sunday.

Please keep a sharp eye out of the various auction sites in case they show up there.  If you think you have seen them please let me know so I can let Jenni know and she can inform the police who have been notified.

Rhodri Gregory - Shelly repaint - signed on left foot Shelly 2008

When last seen, Rhodri was wearing black jeans, black canvas sneakers, a navy t-shirt and a dark blue sweater. Noelle was wearing mid-blue jeans, red mary-janes and a pale blue and cream sweatshirt. 

Noelle - Raikes Bleuette type wooden doll.


  1. Once upon a time it used to be electrical goods...


  2. Oh I saw that Jenni had commented on a blog that her Gregor had been stolen. I'm so very sad for her but hope that someone somewhere will see them and the culprits will be caught. The good thing is I think that particular Gregor looks quite distinctive with his blue eyes by Shelly, so that could really help in identifying him.
    If you're reading this Jenni, I wish you lots of luck in getting your dolls returned safely to you!
    Big hugs Sharon

  3. Oh, no! How disappointing! I hope Jenni gets them back. So sad.


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