Saturday, 4 May 2013

Project Sasha Festival - Dolls which will be For Sale

Project Sasha Festival

Dolls for Sale

All my dolls will be listed on Shelly's site in a couple of weeks but if you are interested before hand you can email me.  Genuine enquiries only.  lorraine (@)   removing the brackets and spaces.

Gorgeous Gotz No Nose, Pale Skin Red head Sasha. Sold

This gorgeous girl comes with her original blue check dress, matching panties (need new elastic) vest, shoes and socks, plus her original large Gotz tag.

She has gorgeous thick luxurious red hair 

Her elastic is slightly loose, but she can still pose well as seen in the photos.


Another Gorgeous Red Head, Slate Eyed Gotz Girl Sold

This 60s girl has lovely dark slate eyes and vibrant face paint.  She is in good played with condition.  Her hair is wonderful - thick soft and silky.  She can pose nicely.  She has a few rough and shiny areas to her arms as is usual in dolls of this era.

Fabulous Hair

(Shoes not included)


Wonderful Ochre Eyed Gotz Red Head Sasha. Sold

This gorgeous girl has such straight hair and is a real sweetie.  

She will come naked ready for a new outfit.


60s Pale Vinyl Blonde Gotz Sasha Sale Pending

This girl is another of my favourites, she is in gently played with condition and has lovely vibrant face paint, although has slight bleeding around the eyes which I understand is quite normal.  Her hair is lovely and long.  She has her original stringing which is a little loose, but she still poses and can stand nicely.  She will come in her original clothing which is a denim pinafore with red checked blouse.  She has white sandals.  (Photo to come) 


1960s Brunette Slate Eyed Gotz Girl

Another beautiful girl, with lovely hair.  She has a slight mark to her face which I have never attempted to remove, instead viewing as a little 'love spot' or mole ;-)  She has good stringing and can pose well.


Gotz Blonde No Nose  (Not so sure about this girl...) Keeping!

I think this girl will also be available (still thinking about her, although she has been put in a box, out of sight)

She has good stringing having been restrung and poses well.


1968/9 Frido/Trendon Gregor Jeans with tube and Gold Tag

This handsome lad is a stunner, complete with his original outfit, tube and gold tag.  Unfortunately this lad does have falling hair, and after my experience with 'Danni' yesterday I certainly wouldn't advise washing it!  Fortunately it doesn't feel like it needs washing.


1965 Gotz Large Head Redhead yellow eyed Ponytail girl. Keeping!

I'm also unsure about selling this girl - so she too has been packed out of sight for a few days to see how I feel.

She has wonderful vibrant facepaint with gorgeous yellow eyes with lashes and a wonderful quirky brow.  She is a pony tail girl with the little tuft at the back of her neck and her hair is lovely and silky.  She is from the first year of manufacture and has the no seam torso.  Her stringing is original and she can pose nicely.


1967 Red Head Ballet No Philtrum Sold

My pride and joy

She has been restrung by Brenda Walton and also has her original strings.

She is in played with by very good condition.   I will let her photos do the talking.  She wears her full original ballet outfit (one half popper is missing from her tutu) and her cape is a reproduction by Ruthdolls.


  1. Such lovely girls!
    Good luck with your sales Lorraine!

  2. I love them all, they are so beautiful. They will certainly find loving new homes very soon. Wish I was in the running but my bank manager is not being very kind just now ;(

  3. Don't you think you should put how much you want for them, so people and decide if they can afford to buy one?
    Are you going to ask what you paid or are you wanting to make a little profit?

    1. Goodness Dee the first comment you have left me in ages! ;-) Thank you :-) Nice to have people visit and take time to leave a comment, I do really appreciate it.

      I haven't put prices up yet Dee as I am still in the process of working them out and they are actually going to Shelly's but just in case anyone was interested beforehand then they could email me for the price - if they don't like the price then that is fine, or we could negotiate :-)

      Making a profit?! Ha! Is that even possible? I have never made any profit on a doll I have sold yet except one - a doll I bought from a charity shop (not a Sasha.

  4. Good luck with the sales, but very sad that Lucy the ballet girl has to go.

    1. Thank you, very sad indeed, but sometimes needs must.

  5. Gosh! I hadn't realised that SO many dolls were having to be moved on....but if needs be then so be it.
    As time is of importance then I think that it's a good idea to send them down to Shelly to sell as she has a good global audience.

    Good luck with their sales and I hope that they raise the money that you need to travel and attend the US Sasha Festival in July.

    PS. Like you I have hardly ever made a profit on any of my dolls apart from the Gotz 1990s second production and my minty, dispayed only, 1968 Frido single Fringe girl. All the rest have been sold at a loss because they were bought many years ago before the internet and when there were only a couple of Sasha websites available so high prices were chargedand paid!

    1. Very sad Kendal, but has to be done I'm afraid, both to eradicate the debt and hopefully go to the Sasha Festival - will be good to have a break, and hopefully 'forget' about pain for a while.

  6. Good luck with your sales Lorraine! I just hope your not going to regret selling some of your beautiful Sasha's!
    Love Steve xx

    1. Thanks Steve - I am sure there will be regrets AND tears!


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