Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Winter Warmth & Autumn Swap from Laura has arrived.

I am clearly not doing very well with my 'decluttering and tidying' lark, having been busy in the sewing studio again today.  Although in my defence I have done two more loads of washing and have ironed yesterdays washing.  why is there so much of it?  Oh and I have whipped the vacuum cleaner round the lounge, part of the hallway and kitchen.  Does that count?  I have found it very difficult to focus today...so many things whirling around in my head as well as the pain which has been bothering me especially the last few days.  Nothing like a bit of Sasha time to help distract oneself.

I wanted to try something different today and got out the paper and pencils and had a go at drawing a raglan sleeve sweatshirt pattern.

I'm reasonably pleased with how it has turned out.  The trousers are perfect and fit nicely...

As you can see modelled by Henry, who sits on my desk by the computer.

I've put a zip in the back for ease of dressing and this has worked quite well I think.

Yes fits quite nicely.

Using the last of the brushed cotton print I had left over I had just enough to make a sleeveless bodice for a pinafore dress which is modelled by Jane, who is out on a morning walk with Henry.

The combination of fabrics works quite well I think.

Just after lunch the postman arrived with a parcel for me!

Well that is what it said on the envelope, but before I could say boo, it had been ripped open and Tilly Rose had claimed the package for herself. (Tilly Rose is my lovely re-rooted puddle eyed, pumkin stringed girl, I bought from the lovely Sarah of Vintage-Sasha.)

This is the swap gift I received from my partner Laura.  Very cleverly made indeed as the dress is fully reversible and can be worn as shown, or with the pretty flower print as shown in the photo of the jacket below which is also fully reversible.

For a girl who prefers Dungarees, I think she looks pretty snug in this outfit.

It certainly meets with her approval anyway!

Thanks so much Laura for a lovely thoughtful swap package.  As you can see Tilly Rose looks great in it.


  1. Henry looks great (as do the girls!) Love the pictures of them in the garden...

  2. Great tracksuit, lorraine.


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