Thursday, 27 October 2011

Beware Pirates bearing Gifts! What a surprise!

After the indignities of being used as a model today for a blouse and dress!  Henry was in rather a sulky mood when we got home from quilting group.  I was supposed to be putting the wadding and backing on the quilt top I finished last Thursday but discovered to my annoyance that I wasn't supplied with enough fabric for the back!  I was rather annoyed and frustrated as I bought it as a 'kit' a year ago...  Fortunately I always have fabric with me to make other things if the need arises.

Anyway Henry's sulky mood soon dissipated when he discovered there was post waiting for him! 

I think my husband was rather surprised when some post arrived for Henry as well!

Wow Henry, I wonder who sent you something?

Very exciting indeed...

Mum look at this!

I've been invited to join the crew of the 'Jammy Dodger'.

Can I, can I, can I please?

Of course you can Henry.

Look it is in blue as well - cool!

Standing to attention...Do I have to learn to stand to attention?

I'm not sure Henry, but you certainly look very smart when you do.


Thank you Tobias and the Motley Crew :-)

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  1. Henry you look great in your pirate jumper and hat, you'll need to practice eating a jammy dodger in under 1 and 1/2 minutes and once a week run around the garden singing very loudly ' A pirate life for me'
    Captn Tobias was very impressed with your standing to attention and now has the rest of the crew doing it!


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