Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A little modelling by the kids.

I posted these pictures yesterday on my other blog but Emily and Henry insisted that I post them here on 'their blog'.  So apologies for any who may have already seen them...

A winter dress

Henry wearing his new jumper I finished knitting the other evening.

After hearing that Emily and Henry were going to have their pictures on the blog once again, Tilly Rose wanted to get into the act and did some modelling out in the garden.

A final shot in the lounge.


  1. so pretty I don't mind seeing them twice :)

  2. Kids are looking good..and are very well behaved :)

  3. They do like to model these Sasha's and gregors! Well the boys are much more interested in action shots!
    Love the colour of Henry's jumper

  4. Sasha's and Gregors do love to model!! but gregors do prefer an action shot!

    Henry looks very smart in his new jumper.


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