Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A dress for Jane

Another Autumn/Winter dress made, this time for Jane.

This little dress does up with a zip at the back..I thought I would experiment with different closing techniques. Works well.

Jane has been wearing blue sandals and when I took them off to put some shoes and socks on her feet are completely marked with blue streaks.  Guessing I am going to have to get some Oxy10 to try and remove them.  I do hope they come off.  Poor Jane has enough to contend with, one eye slightly greening, some missing hair plugs (possibly missing since factory) and slight caving to the neck...I think her elastic/stringing is too tight.  She certainly doesn't need marked feet!

Now I really should get on with making some clothes for the boys...I keep promising them and then get sidetracked.


  1. Jane looks fab in those autumn colours...her dress really suits her.
    I am looking forward to the boys clothes...:)

  2. Very nice sewing and knitting for your girls, you certainly have been busy!


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