Saturday, 1 October 2011

A new skirt for Sasha

Sasha modelling a new skirt for Autumn.

She insisted on wearing the lace up boots...I tried telling her it really wasn't the weather for them, far too warm...

Just look at that boys give me that look when I've asked them to do something...a sort of silent sigh, you can almost see them thinking 'do I have too'.


  1. I love Sasha's new skirt..tell her to keep her boots on...the weather will change next week :)

  2. How I miss I could sew...I love that skirt on her!

  3. Just seen my last comment..which probably doesn't make much should read'How I wish I could sew...'..See thats what going 'cold turkey' does to me when I don't go on ebay...I am really beyond help :0


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