Sunday, 16 October 2011

Some sewing on Sunday

Especially for Sarah P :-)

Sasha & Molly, my first two Sasha dolls.

Molly in a lovely new jumper and hat made by Gill (Ebay member:  bruno0199) that arrived on Saturday.

Molly was the first Brunette Sasha I bought (thank you Absolutely Sasha) she is from around 70/71 I believe.

Do stars and spots go together I wonder?

Sasha seems to think they do.

Amber is modelling a new winter dress made from soft brushed cotton.

Lovely and warm.

Tilly Rose feels most at home in dungarees and as such is wearing the pair made the other day with a contrasting shirt underneath.

Emily doesn't often let her hair down, but today decided to give it a go!

This little dress is also made from the pretty brushed cotton fabric and is lovely and warm.


  1. Thank you so much for enlarging that pic for me to see as I love it!
    Huge hugs,
    Sarah and her Sashas xx

  2. lovely pictures of your girl's in their outfits.


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