Monday, 24 October 2011

Some naughtiness

Now I've been a bit naughty this last week or so.  I know, I know, I am not supposed to be spending any money, especially when I have none coming in...although I did sell something for £2.00 on Evilbay the other day - not that that really is going to go an especially long way towards helping me!

Anyway, be naughty I have been, extenuating circumstances is my claim to blame.

Pretty in Pink,  when I saw this lovely cardigan and jumper made by Ebayer 'postiesbabe'  along with the blue fairisle jumper on Simon in yesterday's post I just couldn't resist...

I think it really suits this lovely Sasha repaint by Shelly.  I think she has the most gorgeous eyes.

Although the red shoes, don't really go with the rest of the outfit, but as you know there is a serious shoe shortage in this household!

Now just who is this beauty?

My friend Margaret (Ebayer Justsew1940, who incidentally makes the most wonderful clothes) decided to sell this doll and when I said what a shame I wasn't allowed to buy any more dolls...(well not this year anyway), she kindly said I could pay for her in the New Year. When Margaret heard my health news last week, she sent her to me early as a surprise!  Thank you so much Margaret, I love her, she is really special.

Now this is why she was wearing the red shoes, as I think this dress I made the other week, suits her really well with her really dark black hair.

The kindness of people I have met through blogging and the Sasha community is wonderful and I feel very lucky to have 'met' such lovely people.  Thank you to all those who have been emailing me and leaving me such nice comments.  It really has helped.

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  1. How kind of Margaret...what a pretty Sasha..who looks lovely in her new clothes...what are you going to call her?


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