Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A thank you to Kendal & a New Swap!

Thank you Kendal for your lovely kind wishes and thoughts.  I look forward to your posts and enjoy the way you present your gorgeous Sasha family.

Especially for you I've taken some more photos of my Wide Face Trendon Sasha who I believe is from 1972.  She has been restrung. She started life in the UK, then went to live in America for a while, and I bought her from Ted, and she flew back here to England.

Like Kendal's gorgeous girl, she has the young innocent look about her face I think.

Gorgeous two tone hair.

Her jumper is made by the talent Gill (Ebay member bruno0199) and I think the blue suits her just perfectly.

More news.  I have volunteered on the Yahoo Group Sasha Mart to host the Seasonal Swap for this time of year - take your pick of title, to suit all tastes, faiths and beliefs.
 ‘Wish upon a Star’ ‘Secret Santa Christmas Swap’  ‘Winter Swap’

I will set up a separate page for it on this blog and will post details both here and on the Mart, although to save it getting eventually 'lost' on the Mart, the majority of the information will be on here .  Hopefully will have the page and details set up by the end of today, or early tomorrow.

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  1. Many thanks Lorraine for taking these delightful photos of your wide faced girl especially for me. The delightfully unusual blue jumper certainly suits and brings out her eye colour and I love the photo's interesting Autumnal natural backgrounds. Such a wonderful backdrop for photographing these dolls.
    I am having to take a break from my blog this week whilst my daughter is up staying here but I will be especially thinking of (and praying for) you so please take extra care of yourself in the meantime.
    Sasha love and hugs.


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