Friday, 7 June 2013

Francis Fearless

Some more photos of Francis...

Yes, yes of course Francis, I should have said Francis Fearless!

He really is quite special - fabulous repaint by Shelly and rerooted hair by Alison.

Very dapper...oh excuse me Francis, you prefer the word debonair...that is rather posh!


  1. He-he! This is certainly a young gentleman. Is he an Eton boy or a Harrow boy? Definitely a public school boy, no ordinary state school for this young man!
    Oh dear, Lorraine, your finances might take a tumble if he needs new uniform and expensive sports gear - not to mention the fees for stabling his polo pony at school - when he returns in September.......

    1. Oh I am not sue, but yes I think you are right, a public school boy! ;-) Will have to see about fancy uniforms - it will be a case of make, not purchase me thinks! As for stabling his horse...Henry will have to advise him on that as to where he keeps Stratford.

  2. Francis looks to be a really a super young lad and will be a great friend for Henry and Rory.

    Guessing that he will be going with you and Henry to the US Sasha Festival as I imagine that ypu won't want to be parted from him, even for a short time.
    Enjoy yourselves.

    1. I think he will indeed be going with us the the Sasha Festival....looks like the girls will be missing out!


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