Friday, 28 October 2011

Denim Pinafore and blouse.

So what dress and blouse did Henry model yesterday?

Well rather than publicly publish his humiliation which would really be too much I have took some photographs later with one of the girls wearing it.

The dress is fully lined and could in fact be reversible if so wished.  Although I forgot to take photos of it the other way.  The bodice/body of the blouse is also lined and it does up at the back with press studs.

I thought I'd combed madame's fringe...obviously not!

Goodness hair everywhere! 

I have some more material cut out to make another pinafore, some jeans and a skirt...hoping to do some sewing today once I'm feeling a bit brighter.  


  1. Really cute. Happy sewing. Hope you got to feel brighter.

  2. Hello again--
    I just mailed you a letter to Santa, and am writing here so that you can be expecting it.


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