Thursday, 31 October 2013

Thank you Aunty Ellen

Henry wants to say a very big Thank you to Aunty Ellen for the wonderful t shirt she sent him.  It reminds him of the dinosaurs he saw in the Natural History Museum in Washington DC when he there in July.

I had to take several photos of him as he seems to look a little pensive and sad at the moment and in the first three photos I took especially so.  These two are not so bad.  Not sure why as he is very happy indeed with his t shirt.  


  1. Very nice Henry! I just got a pink one for one of my girls, not with a dinasaur though. Just need to make a skirt to go with it now!

  2. Sh, Henry! Can you keep a secret? Harri is going to have the same t-shirt for Christmas - don't tell him. please.
    J xx

  3. How very smart you look in your new T shirt.

  4. Henry looks so cute in the dinosaur t-shirt - he probably would rather be off running and playing outside than posing for pictures. You go, Henry!


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