Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Green & Grey

What started off as what I thought was a simple beret making session seems to have turned into somewhat of a marathon...they all want a dress as well!

BJ in Green.

Liebe is still wearing her sweater dress, but has announced she too wants a dress like the other girls...but in the meantime is happy with her beret.


More pinafore swap photos hopefully coming tomorrow!


  1. Dare I ask how many more girls you have to make dresses and knit berets for before they are all ready for the Autumnal weather that is now upon us? Nice to see that they all have and know their own favourite styles and colours.

    1. I think I answered this the other day Kendal ;-) All berets bar one now finished! All have dresses as well I think...just need to have a hunt through my dolls clothing box as I think a couple need to change...IF I can get them to!

  2. Liebe is beautiful in her very stylish outfit and boots :).


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