Monday, 21 October 2013

Monica chooses some warmer wear.

Wet and windy out so the photos were taken on my porch today.

I finally convinced Monica to change out of her beautiful blue Festival dress and into something warmer for winter.  She has chosen the latest hat made to contrast with the navy blue pin cord dress I made last winter.

Unfortunately we don't have any navy shoes, so these were the best match.

Such a pretty girl.

Now it seems not only did Emily want to change her beret yesterday, but she also found a dress to wear the same style that the other girls are wearing.  This too was made last year.

I notice she kept the tights on though...hmmm...perhaps I better suggest some slightly more toning ones!


  1. Maybe you have a hot pink pair of sandals/shoes tucked away to go with Monica's the navy dress and beret..

    I think that a pair of beige tights would be more appropiate for Emily's latest outfit but having said that children these days seem to get away with wearing literally anything with everything so as long as she's warm and happy I shouldn't worry.

  2. Indeed they do Kendal - I have seen some interesting combinations, but I am going to see if Emily will tone down her legs somewhat! ;-)

    Don't have quite the right sandals/shoes unfortunately for Monica. Even black would be better, but I think all the other girls have claimed the couple of black pairs of shoes we have. I will have to have a hunt around in the shoe box.

  3. It seems there's no end to your mix and match beret outfits! Maybe you could knit/crochet some tiny pink slippers for Monica. Loved the mosaic picture on the earlier post - so eyecatching and would make a nice print on your wall! Jude D

  4. All looking very cosy in their berets! I think they'll need them judging by the weather forcast for the UK that I saw on the TV!


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