Saturday 12 October 2013

Hanging Out...

Henry's brother Bobby and Rory's cousin Hamish are hanging out together...doing whatever it is that  boys do when they are not climbing trees, playing football etc...

Henry wanders over wanting to know if he can 'hang out' as well....

Sure why not?  The boys say...

So what are you doing?  Henry asks.
Well you know... Hamish replies.

Henry doesn't know, but doesn't like to ask.

After a while Henry decides that he is rather bored and wanders off... not really sure what 'hanging out' really entails.

A little while later the boys are joined by Alistair

Hey guys. He says.

Hey there Al. They reply.

The three have got 'hanging out' (or is it loitering?) down to a fine art!


  1. All three certainly look the part of 'hanging out' (especially Bobby) .... but I'm so pleased to see that 'Dear' Henry has much more to do with/in his life than standing about idly doing nothing. Bless him!

    1. Oh yes, Henry doesn't like to be idle for long, always on the go and busy doing something!

  2. These are some really handsome boys you've got there1 I love the blue tweed sweater - it seems I've been noticing a lot of lovely tweed knits lately. I guess I'd better get myself some and start knitting too. Thanks for showing your wonderful 'brothers" and for inspiring me to be more creative.

    1. Glad I am inspiring you to be more creative...I have so many projects I want to do and not enough time!

  3. Hanging out is a good thing for children at that age. Later, Henry will copy this practices. I'm especially pleased to see the Kidz n Cats guys! A wind of change:-)

  4. Oh you just got the right tone in their conversation! You observed really well these bigger boys' COOL. Priceless Lorraine.

  5. Oh! I didn't realise that Henry had an older brother! Good of them to let him 'hang out' with them, but Henry is too busy to just 'hang out'....he'll be wanting to keep himself active and involved in something. Maybe he'll find some conkers or some acorns instead? He'll have far more fun in the autumn garden than just chatting!!!
    I do like these little boys though, they have great posing.....somewhere in between a Sasha and a BJD!!

    1. Oh indeed...Bobby has featured quite a bit in the past...he caused poor Henry some concern last year when he set off on his trike for Devon to go and see his girlfriend Suzi!

      Henry is always far too busy to just 'hang out'...he has been collecting leaves, acorns and conkers!

      They fit in quite well with the Sashas...well I think so anyway, and I like that they can pose.


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