Saturday, 26 October 2013

A trip into London to the National Maritime Museum

Thursday afternoon the Sailor turned up on our doorstep for a surprise visit.  I can tell you Mum was so very happy indeed!  She wants to make the most of these visits as next year he will be away most of the year and won't even be home for his birthday in July OR Christmas in December!  Can you imagine that?  Not being home for Christmas?  So glad I'm not grown up yet and so don't have to go away at sea to work.  But he loves it so that is the main thing.  

Anyway on Saturday Mum, Dad, the Sailor and I went into London.

We travelled on the Docklands Light Railway and I got to sit at the very back and could see where we leaving and all the different sights.  Leaving Canary Wharf.

Passing by Heron Quays.  Didn't see any Heron's though, so not sure why it is called that!

Seeing if any other trains are following us.

Our destination...

The National Maritime Museum of course!  Where else?  

This was impressive!

I wonder how fast this went?  It was very shiny.

Gilded with gold.

Ship figureheads.  They were huge!

A lady stopped us here and wanted to know all about me.  So I told her my history and she thought it was pretty cool and said if she ever saw a boy like me she would snap him right up and never let him go.  I think that means she would like to hold him and look after him, not snap him.  She seemed a nice lady.

There was so much to see and do that we didn't get a chance to discover everything here.

I pretended I was sailing the seas.

Um, yes I do rather have a fascination for canons.

A monument in memory of those who lost their lives in New Zealand during the Invasion of Waikato which was the biggest and most important campaign of the 19th century New Zealand wars.   Hostilities last fro nine months from July 1863 to April 1864.

Oh and guess what we got to talk to a fellow New Zealander who has been living here for the last eleven years, but is thinking he will probably go back home next year.

All in all an interesting and fun day out and so much to see and do if we had had more time.  There are walks to go on to visit various sights and important places and landmarks.  The lovely park and of course the museums and The Cutty Sark.  A day really isn't enough and the few hours we had certainly wasn't.  


  1. What a lovely day you've had with your family Henry - lucky boy! and what fascinating photographs (how did you manage to get up so close to the action in some of them) just brilliant! Jude D

  2. Wow! The figureheads are simply beautiful! I would love to visit that museum...

  3. Another most interesting and educational adventure .Thanks Henry for sharing it with us !


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