Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Autumn Pinafore Swap - Part Four

The swaps are arriving and I must say what amazing variety and imagination everyone has had.

I think they have really achieved making this a fabulous fun swap!

First up we have the pinafores made by partners Gillian and Betty.

Gillian sent this lovely Autumn/Fall inspired pinafore and top to Betty.

Cute little buttons

Gillian used a batik fabric with the purples and rusts.  
She beaded the outline of one of the flowers for a little sparkle.

Doesn't the beading make the flower look fabulous?!

(Sorry about the smallest of the photos but if I enlarge them they loose clarity).

Next up we have the outfit that Betty sent Gillian

Gillian writes: 

"Here is Sasha in her brand new pinafore, tights,  blouse, apple for the teacher, and, OMG, saddle shoes!!!  The pinafore is made of a soft black and white fabric with a design just the right size and the blouse is so clever! The sleeves are stuffed to keep them puffed.  The other girls are so jealous."

Isn't that just the perfect pinafore outfit?

Brigitte and Joan were partners...

Brigitte sent a photo of her pinafore as a work in progress which I thought was really fun thing to do!

Just have to love these colours, aren't they wonderful?

Here it is on Joan's lovely Harlequin girl.

Doesn't she just look so pretty in these colours?

Next up is the outfit that Joan sent to Brigitte.

This is the photo that Joan sent me with her girl modelling the outfit.

Below we have Brigitte's lovely Cora wearing the outfit.

Doesn't it look absolutely stunning on her - the dark skin really suits the vibrancy of the reds.

Really super pinafores ladies, thank you so much for sharing!


  1. It's truly amazing the variety of pinafores that is being produced from out of just the one pattern.
    Particularly like how one flower is enhanced by the tiny shiny jewels.

    1. They really are amazing aren't they Kendal? Still more amazing creations to come!

  2. So many different looks - all so clever and interesting! Each person's creativity shows up in a way that flatters and enhances our Sasha girls!

    1. I agree, it has been so wonderful to see what everyone has come up with. So looking forward to posting more pictures!


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