Sunday, 20 October 2013

More Berets, Rory and a frog!

Helen is happy, she now has a navy beret with white stripe to match her new dress.

Helen passed on her green beret to Molly

Who has teamed it with a new brown floral dress I made her last week.

I think I might start a 'new project' to dress all my girls in a dress of this style which I have made and matching berets... hmm...I wonder how many dresses I need to make as most of them have one now I think.

Emily has given her blue beret to Charlotte and is now sporting a burgundy beret which she thinks suits her pinafore better and also picks out the burgundy stripe in her tights.

Charlotte was originally wanting a pink beret, but has decided that the blue beret Emily offered her is just perfect as it highlights the blue in her eyes and picks out the blues in her dress.

The wind was blowing her hair, and I love this look.

Rory has finally conceded that shorts are no longer appropriate for the weather and temperatures and has put on a pair of tan cords.

He was delighted to find a new frog out in the garden today.

He suggests to the frog that it might like to come in and join the others.  Frog looks quite happy at the suggestion!


  1. When I saw Charlotte's windswept photo, I thought to myself "I love the windswept look." Quite fun thenn to read what I had been thinking when I scrolled down to read the caption. Super photo. I think the blue beret is a better choice. I pulled out the long pants for my human boys two days ago.

    1. It is great isn't it? The wind was gently blowing at just the right time.

  2. I think that Helen's new navy beret looks perfect with her dress.
    Love how you have put photos of all your knitted berets together at the end. You've certainly been busy of late.
    Dare I ask how many more you have to knit?

    Nice to see Rory out and about again and still enjoying his 'froggy' interest. His new trousers go well with his Festival jumper.

    1. The navy beret did work well with the dress didn't it Kendal? I wasn't sure how good it would look until the morning as the light isn't the best at night and I knit in the evenings.

      You can certainly ask :-) I have 20 Sasha girls, so have six more berets to make, as two of these ones now belong to the other girls shown in the photo mosaic.

  3. WOW you have been busy with all the berets! And yes, I agree on Charlotte, she looks lovely in the windswept photo!
    And very nice to see Rory again, I'm glad he has a new little froggy friend to look out for!

    1. Rory does love his froggy friends...I wonder how many frogs he has now, I must try and gather them all up at some stage to find out! I am sure he keeps sneaking them in.


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