Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Autumn Pinafore Swap - Part Six

Another couple of Autumn Swap photos to share.

Lauri and Carol S were partners.

Lauri sent this lovely colourful pinafore.

I just love the colours in this and also the brown long sleeve top underneath, they work together so well and are timeless.  I know I would have been very happy to receive such a pinafore as indeed Carol was.

Next up we have a rather funky outfit made by Carol and sent to Lauri, however her daughter Gracie has claimed it for her new Sasha.

Carol did something a little different with the back and I love how the straps cross over.

Great fun indeed!

What brilliant pinafores ladies, absolutely fabulous!


  1. One an absolute classic, the other a very modern interpretation of the pinafore - what a lot of variety we are seeing from one basic pattern.

  2. Both are simply stunning! Really enjoying the variety that we are seeing. Such talented people.

  3. Both of these outfits are so cheerful and sprightly. I love the way the dots seem to bubble up all over the tights and t-shirt.
    And the brown - I love the candy colored flowers and dot on that pinafore - the color is so yummy - I'm thinking chocolate!
    I imagine each Sasha is a happy girl today!


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