Monday, 21 October 2013

Autumn Pinafore Swap - Part Five

The next swap partners to show their pinafore swaps are Janet and Jude who really made the most of their partnership and swapped lots of fun emails back and forth.  It is so lovely to hear about the success of swaps and new friends made which is what it is all about.

Jude sent Janet this lovely pinafore:

Caroline is wearing her new pinafore and all the extras that were included.

The pinafore is lined with embroidered flowers, a blouse, cardigan, beret and a special stretchy bracelet that Caroline put on before anything else!

My recent beret knitting inspired both Jude and Janet to make berets - so much fun was had indeed.

It was quite amazing really this swap, as although Janet and Jude corresponded with each other, neither gave much away as to what they were making, and yet both outfits turned out remarkedly similar!  Both made a lined pinafore, blouse, cardigan and beret!

Here is Jude's Suzanna opening her parcel.

Ooohhh lots of go

Oh lots of goodies!  Even fancy underwear, how sweet!

Pretty as a picture!

What a wonderful swap between Jude and Janet and how perfectly matched they were.

Thank you to you both for the wonderful photos you sent me and the fun the girls had opening their swap parcels.  Absolutely super!

Monica and Winnie were partnered and Winnie has received her delightful swap from Monica which Monica has blogged about here.

Monica also fully lined her pinafore and added some gathers on the sides with cute little bows.  She also made a blouse and added a cute orange beret.

Very cute indeed!

Winnie made a lovely pinafore for Monica (I am hoping Monica has received it and I am not doing a 'spoiler')

Winnie included matching trousers/pants which is a great idea for when the weather is coldest.

I love the fabric with the flowers, very Autumnal indeed.


  1. Not only did Caroline end up with a lovely outfit, I feel like I made a good friend. Jude and I emailed back and forth throughout this swap- and it was most enjoyable. I'm so glad our Sashas brought us in touch with one another - I just wish we weren't oceans apart!

    The only thing we discussed about the pinafore was colors we liked- and even that was not too specific. It certainly worked out surprisingly well for our girls, they are looking mighty smart today!

    Thank you for running this swap, Lorraine, it's been a sparkling experience!

    1. To get this feedback is the very best of thing Janet and so wonderful to think that such a good friendship has been formed. This is what I always hope for. So glad you enjoyed it so much.

  2. Yet more superb pinafores being received and posted here.
    Hard to believe that they are all originally from the same pattern there is so much variety.
    Thanks for posting them for us to see here.

    1. I just think they are all so amazing. So many clever and talented people out there and this what I had thought would be a 'simple' swap has really brought out everyone's creative side!

  3. I just have to endorse everything Janet's said. It was great fun, and really exciting opening the parcel but undoubtedly the best part is the friendship that's developed across the pond. Now looking forward to the Secret Santa Lorraine! Jude D


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