Thursday, 24 October 2013

Final Dresses & Berets.

Alice decided to give her aqua green beret to Tilly Rose in favour of a red one to go with her corduroy dress.

The aqua green beret that Alice gave Tilly Rose has been teamed with a violet & green floral dress finished today.

She has put on her favourite purple JJ shoes.

Sasha got the 'Harvest' beret which she has teamed with a pretty little denim like daisy print dress recently made.

She is also wearing a pair of JJ shoes.

Finally I made a dress for Susan to go with the green tweedy beret that Ziva originally was wearing.

Susan is wearing her leather waistcoat and fringed boots that were part of the Secret Santa Swap a couple of years ago received from Jean Jensen.  She was wearing them with a pink sweater dress, but she wanted to wear her new dress like the other girls.

I wasn't entirely convince and think shoes and socks will be better...but sometimes it is best to wait a few days before persuading these girls that what they are wearing doesn't quite work!  Its got to be done all in their own time.

So that is all the girls with new berets and dresses...there is one missing you ask?  What about Cora?

Well Cora said she already has a beret and doesn't need another one.  I think that is because she is worried she might have to put a dress on...and although she likes dresses, she is quite fond of the outfit she is currently wearing.

However, I may surprise her!


  1. Love the daisy print dress Sasha is wearing, it suits her to perfection.

    1. Thanks Michelle, it is just perfect for her isn't it?

  2. WOW that is a lot of knitting you've been doing, but a bit like Musical Berets in your house! I like that red on Alice, she looks very pretty in it. And Susan does look great in her leather number....I think it'll be very hard to persuade her to take off those lovely boots too!

    1. It is indeed a bit like Musical Berets! They (or I) keep changing their minds about which looks best with which outfit. No forward planning here of course...apart from a couple! Perhaps if I'd planned them there wouldn't have been quite so many changes...but then where would the fun be?!

  3. The girls look happy with the warm clothing and beautiful Berets. Alice has such beautiful eyes.

  4. A great display of JJ footwear too!


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