Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Ssss Sewing Sasha some Shoes

While out browsing in charity shops I often look for things that are cheap and also that I could re-purpose into something else. So when I saw this little vinyl leather look skirt I thought perfect!

Nineteen years ago I started making little leather slip on shoes for babies - they were a great success and I even had to end up purchasing an industrial machine that was better able to cope than my trusty Bernette that still works perfectly today some twenty odd years after I bought it. Sadly when I came to England, my shoe making stopped - plus by this stage my eldest son was four and I also sold the machine as it just wouldn't be feasible to bring it with me. So when I saw the skirt above I thought, how difficult would it be to make some shoes for Sasha? Not difficult at all as it turns out. Molly is modelling the first proto type.

I've only used one pocket of the skirt so far so I can imagine they will all have matching shoes before long!

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  1. What a great idea - and turns out very nice!


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