Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Up for a Challenge

A lady on one of the Sasha groups I belong to put in a request the other day for jumpers for Gregor:

My Gregors have stated quite catagorically that they will not under any circumstances wear pink, purple or even pale green and neither will they consider cardigans. They have appearances to keep up, you see. They are fed up sharing the one boys sweater I have managed to purchase and quite frankly are getting quite cold when its not their turn to wear it.
Before mutiny breaks out, I have therefore turned to you, my sasha friends, for assistance. Does anyone fancy laying down their pastel knits and answering the call to make some styles for boys? Nice boy colours like khaki, and blues and black, maybe with stripes or boy themed designs on, v-necks or crew necks both appreciated - but definitely not girly polo or cowl necks

Always up for a challenge I offered to make her something as a gift. I had a boys cabled jumper pattern that I thought I would give a try. Using some khaki wool - almost army green, I set to work. This pattern did have a polo neck so I thought I would turn it into a crew neck by shortening the length by not knitting it as long so that it doesn't roll over. Not sure this idea worked as you will see in the photo below.
Does this look like a boyish jumper?

Perhaps it will be better after it has been washed and pressed.

George offered to model it for me. The sleeves also seem rather long and have had to be turned over at the cuff, not that that is necessarily a bad thing.

Jury is out at present.

I did get some more wool today though when I popped out, so will try some more.

What do you think Laura?

Edited to add:

I've tried turning the collar down to see if it looks any better?


  1. Yes- this looks boyish.
    I like the collar to be unturned and the long sleeves are cool!

    Great work again, Serenata!

  2. This is so cute, I love the colour, it does look boyish :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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