Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Bare foot and fancy free.

A lovely afternoon spent in the studio sewing a couple of dresses for Sasha while listening to The Pied Piper of the Opera (2000) with Martin Fröst on clarinet. He really is a wonderful player and so inspiring, I think I am going to have to get my clarinet out to try playing again and just put up with the pain! I miss it so much.

First up in 'Sunflower Fiesta' (yes that is the name of this red and blue fabric - go figure?

Barefoot and fancy free!

The blue in the dress highlights the blue in her eyes.

Next up the fabric that perhaps should have been called Sunflower Fiesta, but instead is From the Tuscan Sun has been used to make a smock type dress.

Perfect for running and playing amongst the daisies.

She has the sweetest face.

The brunette is quite petite in comparison to the blonde.

They enjoyed playing out on the grass in their bare feet.

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