Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday Sewing.

Today's sewing was rather drawn out in that I sat procrastinating for ages, but by the afternoon I was more in the mood. I used some material I bought from a charity shop quite a few months ago now. Never used, possibly vintage, I am not sure, but finally I had a use for it.

Now I was actually quite pleased with this dress and the way it turned out, right down to the lace and pretty blue ribbon laced through. However when Sasha modelled it, I wasn't so sure. Perhaps the wrong colours for her? Possibly too long, perhaps I will shorten it?

Poor girl stands just like me - wonky waist/hips - my Mum was always complaining that either I couldn't dress myself properly or I stood as if the clothing was squew wiff...until it was discovered when I had x rays that one side was in fact lower than the other!
I think it may be Sasha's colouring that doesn't suit this dress, as well as the length as I just got Crissy to try it on and it looks better on her. As Crissy is looking for a new home...she is getting over run by Sasha and her friends, I've said she can keep the dress to take with her when she finds a family to adopt her.

On my needles...

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  1. Have you tried this on your brunette?
    And perhaps the waist is not at the best place?

    But you're right- it definitely looks better at the CrissyDoll...


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