Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Poppy Fields

Some time last year I bought a very 'pretty' man's shirt from a charity shop. I don't think it had ever been worn, which is probably understandable as I'm not sure how many men wear flowery shirts? I knew it would be perfect for a project at some time, with its lovely red poppies.

Today's project involved using some of the material of that shirt to make a sleeveless dress for May, my cute brunette with the short hair cut...quite uneven in places...I think the 'hairdresser' must have been in training! However, I think it suits her like this, rather a sweetie don't you think?

Now she wanted a long dress, so long she got...although I had strict instructions that it was not to touch the ground so that her pretty red patent shoes could be seen.

A pretty headband to match and a little lace around the waist.

Cute or what?

I have loads of fabric left over so will be able to make a few more items with it. Nothing quite like re-purposing something. I often look around for items of clothing that are in good/new condition so that I can use them to make things...often it is much cheaper than going out and buying the fabric.

Currently on my knitting needles: the front of a cabled jumper...I finished the back yesterday.

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  1. You're great - sewing so fast!
    I need so much time finishing a dress...


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