Thursday, 26 May 2011

Too wet for play.

It was the boys turn today to have some clothes made for them. Shorts and t shirts were the order of the day. They were looking forward to playing outside, but sadly it is pouring with rain so they had to be content with being indoors.

Simon is seen here in his play wear yellow and blue stripe shorts with a yellow t shirt.

He has quite a choppy hair style and you can faintly see lashes under the eye shadow.

Next up is Peter who is a little shy.

Apparently it is all the rage at the moment for bright oranges, greens, and other colours.

He has a completely different hair style and eyes.

Ready for five a side? Just need the football!

1 comment:

  1. I admiring again your fast sewing :)

    Simon has great handfinished eyes (and one of my sons is called Simeon)
    but my fav is Peter.
    His glance is striking.

    (Hope so much these are the right words,
    sorry if not...)


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