Monday, 16 May 2011

Soft denim & flowery prints

April was such a lovely warm month that I had many requests for some summer dresses. I used some left over soft denim from my son's sewing class... he is supposed to be making some shorts, but I have been handed the task - it has just been far too difficult for him to do.

Combining this denim with a pretty blue and yellow flower cotton fabric for the bodice has made a nice spring combination. I perhaps used a bit too much denim for the skirt as it is a little full, so will use a different width next time.

My lovely brunette Fiona is modelling the outfit.

Of course now it is a bit cooler, I'm getting requests for will have to get the knitting needles out!

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  1. I wish you'd scale your patterns up to adult size - Sasha has some wonderful outfits :)


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