Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Dresses for Twins.

Quite unintentionally I seem to have twin girls to sew for. Sophie and Sarah are very much alike but like to have something similar but different to wear. Such fun sewing for them. Of course being blondes they wanted blues...

First of all we have Sophie who is wearing a pretty blue flowery dress with a light blue bodice.

The dress bodice is fully lined and the skirt has a pretty petticoat that I forgot to photograph!

The combination of these soft colours suit her well.

Next up we have her sister Sarah wearing the same style dress, but this time I've teamed the flowers with a darker blue star fabric for the bodice.

Quite a pretty combination.

There's those daisies again!

Sarah and Sophie.

Sophie and Sarah.

Such a lovely day to welcome June. Sunshine and blue skies, enough to make anyone happy.

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